You will need to  register as a patient prior to scheduling an appointment.
Please email or call us and tell us your full name, phone number, and email address
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Once you have registered, we can schedule your consultation with Dr. Andrew.

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Consultation with Dr. Andrew.

What to expect in the consult:

The physician will discuss Hormones and their function in the body, your labs and symptoms will be reviewed with you and hormone therapy will be tailored to your needs – Our physician is able to titrate a specific level of hormone for each individual patient based on their blood levels, age, weight, and symptoms. Bio-identical hormone pellets can often be inserted that same day. There will be a blood draw three to four weeks later to evaluate the effectiveness of the initial dose. Adjustments can be made if necessary.


Patients need to have their blood drawn 1 week prior to visit in outside labs or blood can be drawn in our office if not expected to be covered by insurance. Most outside lab hormones are not allowed to be drawn on a STAT basis.

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