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  • “Hormone therapy has done wonders for me. I first heard about D. Andrew through a friend who has had great experiences with HRT as well. I thought feeling yucky was just a way of life. However, since my treatments of HRT feelings of depression, anxiety, and fatigue have all been helped tremendously. I can always tell when my pellets run out because of the drastic difference it makes. I am a true believer in HRT.”

    Angela Cochran
  • “My experience with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy has been very positive! For 10 years, I tried to address my low hormone levels with creams, but they didn’t work for me. Then I came to Dr. Andrew and he switched me to Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets, I finally feel like myself again! It makes such a huge difference in my energy levels and mental clarity. The staff in Dr. Andrew’s office are always nice, helpful and friendly. They aren’t’ stuffy or intimidating and never made me feel like I had too many questions.”

    Sherie Thain
  • Great news. My energy level is significantly improved (I would estimate 50% more stamina on my daily bike rides), I’m sleeping much better, and one MAJOR BONUS. After 35 years of daily migraines, I am now 100% migraine free. Migraines diminished gradually for three weeks after the pellets were consumed daily by this ...

    Dennis Martin, Ph. D.

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We work to balance several different hormones and look for natural hormone replacement options

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